2. Speaking


Situation 1      : Soraya meets Adam at the cafeteria.


Soraya : Hello, Adam. How are you getting on?

Adam  :  Fine, thanks. How are you?

Soraya :  I’m very well. Thank you.

Adam  :  Have you finished your lunch?

Soraya :  Yes, I have. I’d better be going, or I’ll be late at my office. Goodbye, Adam.

Adam  :  Goodbye, Soraya. See you tomorrow.


Situation 2      : In the banquet room was a group of well-dressed people chatting among themselves. Soraya approached one of them.


Soraya :   Good morning. Do you know who Susan Brandy is?

Adam  :   She’s over there.

Soraya :   Thank you. (Soraya went up to her). Hi, I am Soraya. How do you do?

Susan  :   Hello, Soraya. This is Peter and Teddy. I’m sure you’ve heard of them.

Soraya :   How do you do, sir?

Peter    :   Hello. My wife has told me a great deal about you.

Soraya : Nothing too terrible I hope, sir.

Peter    : On the contrary. She has said only good things about you.

Soraya            : Thank you, sir. (She turns to Teddy). Good afternoon, sir.

Teddy             : Hello, Soraya.

Soraya            : It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.

Teddy             : Thank you. You’re looking very well.

Soraya            : So are you, sir. I’m so sorry about what happened yesterday.

Teddy             : Thank you. Are you set up here to take care of all of us?

Soraya            : Oh, yes. I think we can make everyone comfortable.

Teddy             : That’s good. Sorry, but I would like to get freshened up.

Soraya            : Of course. It was pleased to meet you.

Teddy             : Well, good night.



Conversation 1

Man: Did you enjoy your weekend at the tea plantation ?

Woman: Certainly, It’s a marvelous place I’ve ever seen


Conversation 2

Woman: Frankly, darling, having holiday in a quiet island is boring to me.

Man: Alright, alright. We’ll go home tomorrow.


Conversation 3

Boy 1:  Oh, it’s a shame.  I was hoping we got a big fish.

Boy 2:  Never mind. We are fishing again tomorrow. Cheer up!



        The Good Fairy is going to visit Geppetto for Pinocchio’s birthday. She phones

        Geppetto to see if they can meet.



Geppeto                : Hello, Geppetto’s apeaking.

The Good Fairy    : Hello, Geppetto, this is The Good Fairy fromFunIsland. How

are you doing at the puppet school?

Geppeto                : The Good Fairy! How nice to hear from you. I’m fine, thanks,

And you how are you?

The Good Fairy    : Good. Look, I’m coming over in April for Pinocchio’s birthday. Are

you going to prepare a special party for him?

Geppeto                : Well, I don’t think I can afford to give him a party, but there will be a                 small dinner with his friends.

The Good Fairy     : That will do. I’m sure he’ll be happy.

Geppeto                 : By the way, I hope you can come and meet me soon to arrange the    party.

The Good Fairy      : Sure. Uhm, the party will be on April 23rd at 7. p.m., so, can we   have kind of meeting at the “Super” café at 12.30 on April 22nd?

Geppeto                 : Just a minute. I’ll check my diary. No, I ‘m afraid that’s not good for  me. Why don’t we meet on April 21st, before lunch at the “Super  Mall”? It’s a small dinner but there will probably be a lot of things to  buy. That’s why I prefer one stop shopping. What do you say?

The Good Fairy     : Yes, that’s possible. You mean we’ll have lunch together before


Geppeto                 : Right.

The Good Fairy     : Good idea. OK, let’s say at 11.00 on April 21st, at the “Super Mall”.                                 If you get delayed, you can always call me.

Geppeto                 : All right. See you there. Thanks for phoning. Bye.

The Good Fairy     : Bye.



the conversation between Tuti and Mrs. Shelley. Then, arrange the following pictures in order.

Tuti              : Would you like a cup of tea, Mrs. Shelley?

Mrs. Shelley : Yes, please. Thank you. Hmm…This tea tastes good and smells fragrant

Tuti              : Thank you. I’m glad you like it.

Mrs. Shelley : Tell me, how do Indonesians prepare a cup of tea?

Tuti               : Well, first fill in the kettle with some water from the tap. Then, place it     on the stove and wait until the water is boiling.

Mrs. Shelley : What do you do then?

Tuti               : Next, put one or two teaspoonfuls of tea leaves into a teapot. Pour the boiling water into the teapot. To obtain the best flavor, the tea should soak for three to five minutes before being served.

Mrs. Shelley : Hmmm…Then, what do you do?

Tuti               : Finally, pour the tea into cups and don’t forget to add some sugar in it. Stir     it. The tea is ready to be served. Unlike inEngland, Mrs. Shelley, we don’t take milk in our tea.






Tom    : Oops, sorry. I am sorry.

Tina     : It’s OK.

Tom    : Oh, your books are wet.

Tina     : It doesn’t matter. It’s my fault.

Tom    : Here. I’ll wipe your books with my handkerchief.

Tina     : No thank you. It’s not necessary. Don’t worry about it.


Conversation l

A         : Hello, John Smith speaking.

B         : Hello. This is Helen Jones. May I speak to your sister?

A         : She just stepped out. I think she’s next door. I can call her if you like.

B         : No, thank you. I’ll phone again later. Good-bye.

A         : Good-bye



Where are they? Are they at the same place?

How do they get in touch?


Conversation  2

A         : Excuse me, but can you tell me how to get to the museum?

B         : I’m afraid I don’t know, I’m new here myself.

A         : I see. Thanks anyway.

B         : Sorry I can’t help you.



Where are the speakers?

Do they know each others very well? How do you know?


Conversation  3

A         : Would you like a little more tea?

B         : Yes, please.

A         : Please have another piece of cake.

B         : Thank you. Uhm, Jane, I heard you were ill so I brought you some fruit.

A         : Thanks, Bill.

B         : You’re welcome. By the way, this is for you, Mary.

A         : For me? Really? Thank you, Bill. Oh, a book! How nice of you! Thanks a lot.

B         : Don’t mention it, Mary. I’m very glad you like it.

A         : Well, how about another piece of cake?

B         : No, thanks. It’s delicious, but I’ve had plenty.



Where are they?

Do they know each other well?





Conversation  4

A         : Oops! Sorry.

B         : It’s okay. Oh, your books are wet.

A         : It doesn’t matter. It’s my fault.

B         : Here. I’ll wipe your books with my handkerchief.

A         : No, thank you. It’s not necessary. Don’t worry about it.



What do the last sentences mean?


Conversation  5

A      : I’m going to the post office. Would you like me to post that letter for you?

B      : I’ll go to the post office myself a little later, so I’ll take it. Thanks anyway.



What do the last sentences mean?


Conversation  6

A         : Hi, Mary, are you busy tonight?

B         : No. Why?

A         : Well, I’m giving a farewell party for Tom. Can you come?

B         : Yes, I’d love to. What time is it going to be?

A         : At seven o’clock tonight.

B         : All right. I won’t miss it. Thank you.




Hello … Yustita!



(Lucy’s voice surprised me. Why? She never comes so early like this morning. She usually comes a few minutes before the bell rings.)

Hi! What is wrong? You don’t look yourself today. Why did you come so early today?



My father gave me a lift. By the way, have you heard anything about Elsa?



What is the matter with her?



Haven’t you heard? Everyone at school has.



What is it? Would you tell me, please?



OK. She is falling in love with Iwan. Don’t you know? She is your classmate, isn’t she?



You are kidding! I can’t believe it is true. As far as I know, she is a calm girl. But… how about Iwan’s response?



”Wow …. I don’t know. Please ask yourself. Iwan and you belong to the same volleyball club, don’t you? But I think he pays no special attention to her. Since …. he loves

somebody else.



Who is she?



Well….you’d better ask him yourself. The bell will be ringing soon.



(Lucy is not my classmate. She is in the IPA (science) department while I am in the language department. The break finally ended. One by one, my friends entered the classroom. It was very noisy in the classroom. The teacher was absent and there was no special assignment.)



Tita …. Are you going to play volleyball this afternoon?



Yes, what can I do for you?



I want to give this letter to Iwan. Will you help me give it to him?



Yes I will. Believe me. I am as good as Mr. Postman.




Thanks a lot for your help.



No problem.

(In the afternoon, I met Iwan in the volleyball court. He was smiling when I approached him)

Iwan ….



Yes? What’s wrong?



Here is a letter for you.



Who is it from?



Please read it yourself.



Well, is it from your close friend?




(Iwan was smiling when he looked at me. I was a bit annoyed by his smile. A week had passed when Elsa came to me and asked about her letter.)



How about the letter? I wondered why he hasn’t answered it yet.


I’m afraid I don’t know. I haven’t met him for a week. But I promise that I will ask about it as soon as I meet him.



Don’t forget it, Tita.



(One evening Iwan dropped by my house to return a book which he borrowed a few days before.)

Iwan, have you answered Elsa’s letter I gave you a few days ago?



Sorry, … I have had no time to write it. I’d rather say …. I don’t love her, but I do love someone else.


May I know who?



Well, you will know everything soon. Sorry, …. I must be off now. Give my best regards to your parents. See you tomorrow.



Yes, I will. See you.

(When I was studying that evening, I found a letter in the book which Iwan returned. I was really surprised when I read it ….



Dear Yustita Indriani,

Thanks a lot of your kindness. But I am very sorry to let you know that I do not love your friend.

If you really want to know the girl who I like best, her name is YUSTITA INDRIANI, the one who is reading this letter now.

Yes, Tita, I do love you. I have wanted to say it to you directly, but you never gave me a chance to do so.

Well, I’m waiting for your answer, dear.


With love,

Iwan Pradita



(Oh, my God! What must I do? Do I like him? Maybe, but how about Elsa? She is my classmate and my good friend. It hurts to know this. Oh, no…. I will not do it. And tomorrow I will tell him. I must find time to say it.

Iwan….I don’t mean to hurt you. I can’t love you. Please don’t hate me. Let’s be friends till the end of time, but don’t love me.I can’t do that, you know. Oh God, help me explain it to him. I really don’t know what I will do if I meet Elsa tomorrow.)













Anisa            : Wow! That’s a lovely dress, Dinahyu. Is it new?

Dinahyu       : Yes, it is. Thank you.

Anisa            : The color and the model really look nice on you.

Dinahyu       :  Oh, do you really think so?  I am really fond of this dress.

Anisa            :  Did you make it yourself?

Dinahyu       :  Certainly not, Anis. My aunt gave it to me as a birthday gift.

Anisa            :  Did she? What a good aunt you have!



Belle    :  Have you ever been toSingapore? I’m going there in June.

Mike   :  Actually, I was there last April.

Belle   :  You were? Tell me about it. What was it like?

Mike  :  Oh, it’s terrific.Singaporeis a beautiful city with lots of parks and open   spaces. The city is so clean, and you know what, the business district inSingaporeis very modern, with lots of tall buildings everywhere.

Belle   :  Where did you go, Mike?

Mike    :  SentosaIsland, Esplanade,Chinatown, Kampung Melayu inBugis Street,Orchard Road, shopping district.

Belle   : Sounds great! And how did you go around the city?

Mike    : It’s easy. I took MRT. It’s one of the cheapest transportation choices inSingapore.

Belle   : How about the food? What is the best food inSingapore?

Mike   : Well, you can find Chinese, Indian and Malay foods at reasonable prices


Belle   : Listen. I also want to buy a camera. Where do you think I should go?

Mike    : Well, there are lots of camera shops in the Orchard District with an excellent selection. You can go there.




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